15 February 2017

Combined process for wastewater treatment in communities

  The combined water treatment process based on activated sludge technology by HAFI Project & Technology GmbH is a sophisticated and advanced version of the conventional method of treatment with activated sludge. The main differences.. show more »

10 February 2017

Variable speed pump controller and compact wastewater pumping stations by AQUASTART Ltd

The HYDROVAR HVL 2.015 - 4.220 line is the fifth generation of variable speed pump  controller designed to control the operation of pumps. It optimizes the power of the pump and automatically matches the engine speed to demanded operating.. show more »

07 February 2017

Prime Engineering Ltd. will present ROBOX screw low pressure compressor units

This year Prime Engineering Ltd. will demonstrate a wider range of products. The ROBOX screw low pressure compressor unit combines the unique features of the oil-free RSW screw rotary blower with the already recognized characteristics of the.. show more »

07 February 2017

Ecoteam Engineering with biological treatment plants for waste water

Ecoteam Engineering company will present its biological wastewater treatment plants. The line of biological treatment plants for wastewater with a capacity of 1-150 PE/population equivalent/. They are manufactured in Slovakia, tested and.. show more »

27 January 2017

Laboratory Technics Engineering to present ultrapure water system

Laboratory Technique Engineering ,a trademark of Medical Technics Engineering Ltd. ,will present a system for producing ultrapure water from tap water sources. This year the company will take part in the exhibition Water Sofia, which will be held.. show more »

27 January 2017

Kammarton Bulgaria to offer a wide range of industrial pumps

GRUNDFOS industrial pumps, especially those for the extraction of groundwater will be presented by the company Kammarton Bulgaria during the exhibition Water Sofia, which will be held from 4 to 6 April at Inter Expo Center. The company offers.. show more »

23 November 2016

New promotional prices at the exhibition Water Sofia 2017

The 11th edition of the exhibition Water Sofia will attracts participants with its new attractive prices. Next year, bulgarian national exhibition in the water sector will be held from 4 to 6 April 2017 at Inter Expo Center. Water Sofia.. show more »

08 April 2016

The 10th exhibition WATER SOFIA received 16% more visitors

From 5 to April 7 the companies presented the latest technologies of proved reliability by more than 200 global brands From 5 to 7 April the 10th anniversary edition of WATER SOFIA - the only exhibition for Bulgarian water sector, received 16%.. show more »

04 April 2016

Announced launch of the major exhibitions MACHTECH & INNOTECH EXPO, WATER SOFIA and BULCONTROLA at Inter Expo Center

From 5 to 8 April , visitors will find the latest products and technologies by more than 160 companies that will present over 350 international brands The exhibitions MACHTECH & INNOTECH EXPO, WATER SOFIA and BULCONTROLA will be launched on 5.. show more »

31 March 2016

Water technologies with spectacular design at the exhibition WATER SOFIA 2016

International brands will demonstrate more workable and eco-friendly solutions at Inter Expo Center At the only Bulgarian exhibition for the water sector - WATER SOFIA 2016, visitors will see more workable and eco-friendly solutions for the.. show more »