Water Sofia

Dates of conduct: 5 – 7 April, 2016
Frequency: Annually 
Sequence: 10-th edition 
Venue:  Inter Expo Center - Sofia

Profile:  Water abstraction, water and wastewater treatment, pollution control for surface and underground waters, flood risk and prevention control equipment; valves, pumps, suction systems; technology and equipment for maintenance and cleaning of swimming pools and water reservoirs, technology for abstraction, bottling and distribution of drinking water.

Target group: Professionals 
Co-organizers:  MESSE BERLIN (WASSER BERLIN) and BWA (Bulgarian Water Association)
Official  media partner: “Ecology and Infrastructure” magazine

From 5 to April 7 the companies presented the latest technologies of proved reliability by more than 200 global brands

From 5 to 7 April the 10th anniversary edition of WATER SOFIA - the only exhibition for Bulgarian water sector, received 16% more visitors. At WATER SOFIA 2016 besides Bulgarian companies distributors of foreign companies, there were directly foreign representatives of companies from Austria, Italy, Germany, Romania. The companies presented the latest technologies of proved reliability by more than 200 global brands. These are brands, such as Steinzug- Keramo, Saint-Gobain PAM, Georg Fischer, Hydrotec, Xelex, DHI, HAFI, Herrenknecht, BIOGEST International, ACO Building Elements and more. Meanwhile, 40% of companies participated for the first time, which speaks for the continuous renewal of the international forum.

"The exhibition is becoming an increasing success over the years, and competition is expanding.
The audience is specialized and we have come the right customers coming, which is extremely important ", comment the companies. They have positive evaluation of the parallel conduct
of WATER SOFIA along with the leading national exhibition for industrial equipment MachTech & InnoTech Expo.
 "We rely on the efficient use of EU funds in Bulgaria in the sector of environment - waters and waste. Moreover, the exhibition is looking for additional partners from countries in the region - Greece, Macedonia, Turkey, " says Magda Renini, owner of the Italian company UNI.CO.

Traditional partners of WATER SOFIA are Bulgarian Water Association and WASSER BERLIN.
The official business partner was the country's leading provider of valves for water treatment, industry and irrigation - the company INDUSTRIAL PARTS, representative of leading brands such as Duker GmbH & Co. KgaA, Ekoton, BERMAD, Europevalves, Domex, Ayvaz, AZUD, HAUS. For the first time on the market there was demonstrated an enamel coating technology. The company also offered the latest aeration systems, fire protection valves for industries with high hazard.

Innovative technologies related to the mitigation of climate change were among the highlights of the exhibition. Drought and high temperatures are a challenge for water management, thus innovation becomes a must. Online management and integrated electronics are now an integral part of the management of water resources. At the same time, the new solutions can be very attractive. Drainage systems can create effective design, style and light in the rhythm of modern city.
This is how the exhibition WATER SOFIA 2016 managed to combine functional new solutions with spectacular design.

In 2016, visitors were able to learn more details about the developments in the sector from the interesting side-events program. For the 8th year there was held the BULAQUA forum by the Bulgarian Water Association on "Innovative solutions for efficient water and sewerage services "

It was opened by Atanaska Nikolova , Deputy Minister of Environment and Water,and the  Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works , Nikolai Nankov. They presented the challenges for the modernization of the water and sewerage sector in Bulgaria. They discussed funding possibilities under the operational program "Environment" and innovative technologies that can lead to efficient use of resources. The event was specially attended by Karoly Kovacs ,President of the European Water Association. The European Association took part in the specialized forum for water operators and designers for the proper distribution of investment and calculation of the cost of construction and operation of treatment facilities.

The companies also contributed to the program of the exhibition with their own presentations about new products on the market. They presented new equipment for treatment plants, new technologies and environmental solutions. They made a balance of the trends in the sector and their plans for development. Among the topics there were also innovation in the management of surface waters, as well as innovative approaches and tools in the electrical metering and energy analysis.

Looking forward to welcome you at WATER SOFIA  from 4th to 6th April 2017!